Falling & Rising in Grace, Jenny Shain

Falling Apart in Grace, Changing the World.

Do you feel like you want to change the world but you have trouble changing your self?
And so you wonder if it’s even possible to impact the world because you can’t even get your
closet organized?

Or do you feel afraid to be a world changer because of the scary things that could happen to you if you did try to create quantum change?

Sometimes you just need a safe place to fall apart WHILE you change your world & the world around you.

We need GRACE & COURAGE. A safe place to fall & find redemption for our biggest dreams at the same time. We need accountability to live our deepest dreams, to overcome our fears, coupled with compassion.

My friend just told me how funny they thought it was that I needed a Life Coach to complete my children’s books, since it seems like I should just be able to do that… since I AM a life coach! I said, “As life coaches, we have coaches because we believe in our profession.” We are often BIG dreamers & open to new ideas, & that presents challenges & fears that we need coaching on. I’ve noticed that this profession is filled with people wanting to invest their talents & reach their highest potential. When you are in the middle of this kind of transition & reaching your goals, it is just natural to hire a coach…so as coaches- we do! We believe in our profession.

So, I know how you feel. Chances are, I have been there, am there, or will be there in the future. We all have seasons in our lives, & I know & understand what it feels like to be “stuck,” & want to change the world at the same time. It’s a season I’ve gone through many times & work through on a regular basis. So, I offer you grace, redemption through the Creator who gives all good things, & support. Now let’s go change the world.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Eleanor Roosevelt

Professional Life Coach, Jenny Fox Shain, M.A.

Life Coach to Visionary & Creative People

And yes, I do my own stunts. And photographs.

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About LifeCoach

I love Life Coaching, Creating, Re-purposing, & I love photography - people actually pay me to do this! :) Check out http://RedeemingyourDreams.com/
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4 Responses to Falling & Rising in Grace, Jenny Shain

  1. Laurie Shain says:

    Well Said!! What a wonderful blog…..THIS is what you should send to Where Women Create Editor 🙂

    She will see you are pretty inside, too!!

    Love & Miss you…..Laurie

  2. Great post! I like the implication that coaching is a bi-directional, life-long engagement.

  3. Christine says:

    That bridge pic is very pretty! 🙂

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