Leaving a Legacy: He says I Love You, She says I Know

I have a friend, I’ll call her “Rachel.” At birth Rachel was put into the foster care system. At five days old, Rachel was placed with a family who had taken care of multiple foster care children. The man was 71 years old & the woman was in her 60’s. These foster parents fought & prayed for months to keep baby Rachel as they repeatedly went to the foster care system & told the courts, “Who else does she belong to? She belongs with us. She is part of OUR family.” In 1992 the parents & baby Rachel WON as they signed the adoption papers.

As an adult, Rachel explained her perspective to me. “I couldn’t offer or promise them anything, but they wanted me. Out of all the kids that came to their home, why me? They showed me Christ’ love up close. We’ve been adopted into God’s family, God chose us already. I didn’t have to prove my love to them. They just loved me. Especially my dad because he was a great father. He would take care of me when mom was away. He would do my hair, play with me, & spent lots of one on one time with me. He’s been a huge encourager. He always had the right words to say. There is no doubt that my father loves me & was a part of saving my life.”

Rachel’s father became ill with alzheimer’s in his old age while Rachel was in high school. He is not there in person for her the way he once was when she was a child. But one thing he left her, a legacy of integrity & love. Every time his name is mentioned you hear people tell her, “Your father is a wonderful man,” & “What an incredible example of Christ your father is.” He set a beautiful example for his daughter & for the rest of the world.

We are never guaranteed a certain number of days on earth, or how long we will have the ones we love. But we can leave them our legacy. The example of loving mercy, acting justly, & walking humbly with our God, Micah 6:8. A legacy of strength, integrity, honor, & love.

The father gave Rachel everything he had, though he was not rich. He gave her everything she needed to love God & serve the world. He left a legacy.

“Even though he is in the nursing home now & has alzheimer’s, when I say, ‘Daddy,’ his face lights up & he starts laughing. He knows my voice.”

Rachel says, “I love you,” & her father says, “I love you too,” and she says, “I know.”

Now let’s go change the world.

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