Da Vinci & You: Changing your mind, Creating a Masterpiece

Unsure of how your masterpiece will turn out? Don’t sweat it… DaVinci wasn’t sure either.

Keep having to start over? No worries- just follow DaVinci’s lead & keep using your gifts & talents. The masterpiece will come. Clarfiry your vision, then break it down into bite size chunks…bit by bit. By consistent, intentional goals committed to your vision, you will create your masterpiece.

“A restoration project for Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘Virgin of the Rocks’ has revealed new details and suggests the Renaissance artist may have painted all the picture himself, instead of with his assistants as previously thought….

(An undated image …of Leonardo da Vinci’s “Virgin of the Rocks” before (left) and after restoration.) The National Gallery says the 18-month project removed some yellowing varnish, enabling experts to take a closer look at the picture’s brush strokes and styles.

The… project involved removing much of some badly degraded varnish that was applied to the painting in the late 1940s…. The cleaning revealed the painting’s full tonal range, especially in the darker areas, and resulted in a clearer sense of how the artist intended for space to recede through the rocky landscape, the gallery said. It also affirmed that Leonardo likely painted the entire picture himself and intended for it to be unfinished. The restored painting showed a range of completion from the barely sketched hand of the angel to the fully realized heads of the main figures — consistent with many of Leonardo’s works. The Italian artist, said to be the “eternal perfectionist,” is thought to have left his pictures unfinished because he wished to return to them later, gallery spokesman Thomas Almeroth-Williams said. In the past, scholars believed the different levels of finish in “Virgin of the Rocks” showed that Leonardo was helped by assistants.

The painting dates from about 1491 to 1508 and is a later version of one on display in the Louvre in Paris. The latest cleaning project followed years of scrutiny of the masterpiece. In 2005, experts using infrared technology found two drawings hidden beneath the surface of the pictureone design was never painted, and the second one revealed Leonardo changed his mind about the subject several times.”

Pour out your creativity & talents. Let it flow. Sometimes you might start over or completely change the idea, but remember DaVinci & keep going. Cast off any guilt. Reposition yourself, gain a deeper understanding of Your Vision & Purpose, & KEEP ON PAINTING…or whatever you do!

Does your Vision, Purpose, or Goals need help in “removing some yellowing varnish,” “cleaning” to reveal your “full tonal range, especially in the darker areas?”

Are you an “eternal perfectionist,” who also often leaves projects or dreams “unfinished because [you] wished to return to them later?”

Would you like assistance in Clarifying Your Masterpiece, Prioritizing it into Manageable Goals, & the ability to FINALLY Make It Happen?! Let’s get your masterpiece out there! Call me & let’s talk! Invest in yourself by Life Coaching with me.

Now let’s go change the world.

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