Learning Vision from Georgia’s Historical Homes

       I’m always shocked when I watch HGTV as home buyers walk through a home, passing it up because they cannot imagine what it could become. I recently saw a fabulous show on Georgia’s Historic homes. When these home, inn, & bed & breakfast owners were interviewed, they often said that when they first found their home it was completely run down, the weeds & bushes were over-grown, floors falling in, & walls crumbling. The owners of the gorgeous Tate House of North Georgia said, “in 1938 the property fell into disrepair. When Ann Laird purchased the mansion in 1974 the roof was nearly gone.” Ms. Laird said, “It was like the worst haunted house you’d ever seen….There was a tree growing up through the fountain & we didn’t even know there was a fountain in front of the house!” In the Newnan Inn, when the owners-t0-be drove up, there was hay being stored in the living room. In the Glen Ella Springs Country Inn, the porch was falling off; “the project was wild & massive.” One owner said that as she drove up to the dilapidated home, “the house called me from the road.” For each of the Georgia homes, they showed the “before” photos & I realized how important VISION is. Each of these inn, bed & breakfast, & mansion owners are thought leaders. They could see what was possible from what seemed impossible. They CREATED what they IMAGINED. Vision begins with your heart & mind being aware & open to possibilities. You cannot take action that is outside of your current awareness. Remember Great Vision Always Precedes Great Action. Is your vision so strong that it’s, “Calling people from the road,” to join you in a great mission?

     Our hearts & minds are formed by the Great Creator who in vast nothingness created the universe. We take our creativity & vision from Him.

Now let’s go change the world.

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2 Responses to Learning Vision from Georgia’s Historical Homes

  1. LifeCoach says:

    Here’s a good one in Northeast Georgia…http://www.glenella.com/history.htm “Glen-Ella Springs is a historic Georgia bed and breakfast inn with a long-standing tradition of hospitality. Beginning in the late nineteenth century, Glen-Ella Springs has welcomed guests to its peaceful country location, providing a place of rest and renewal.”

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