Are You a Soldier or a Gardener?

Have you ever wondered how the soldiers fighting the great battles reacted when they found out the war was over? Did they believe it? Or did they keep fighting? How many lives were lost due to some soldiers who could not believe that the battle was over? How long did they continue to fight?

There are movies we play in our minds that are so negative that they sound like we are in a continuous battle. What if you could step in & tell your mind, Hey! That battle is over! The war ended long ago. We won! Now you can do something productive!

What are you giving your energy to that doesn’t deserve it?

Oftentimes we are so busy fighting the bad that we should stop & think, “Am I really called to be a soldier? Or a Gardener?” Figure out how to CULTIVATE the GOOD. That’s what a gardener does. Can you really have the mindset of fighting ALL the time? Of course not, that’s called “burn out.” And it’s not for you. You may have seasons of fighting, but- good news!- it is NOT Every season! “Seek the shalom of the city,” Jeremiah 29:7. How can you contribute to the good instead of giving your energy to fighting the bad?

How much mental energy have you spent on unnecessary negative thoughts? It’s just not working for you. Time to turn this ship around. My rule: “If something isn’t working for you, do the OPPOSITE.”

So here’s your new mindset: You are a Gardener.

What will you do with all that freed up mental energy & time?

You will cultivate the vision that God has put into your heart. You’ll plant more & more seeds. You’ll reap a harvest. You’ll share it with others.

So remember, When you feel the weight of negativity on your shoulders, “Think the Opposite.” Instead of resisting the weight, use the creativity God gave you to envision the BEST. Be a Gardener. 

Now let’s go change the world.

Professional Life Coach, Jenny Fox Shain, M.A.

Life Coach to Visionary & Creative People

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