Are You Sending Mixed Messages?

Are you sending yourself, your family, your friends, strangers, your clients, & other people MIXED MESSAGES?

MORE importantly, are you sending mixed messages to YOURSELF & GOD?

If you believe God has called you to something, look for ways to say, “YES, GOD!” When people say things that AFFIRM that calling, do not look sheepishly away. Say “THANK YOU!” Accept it. Do not continue to look at your past when it seemed impossible. Turn & face forward. Notice every opportunity God gives you to open another door in that direction! No one else is going to open up those doors for you or walk through them. Don’t sit around and wait. Walk through and see what happens!

Don’t write one message on your goals list & vision board, then affirm something totally different & negative when you are talking with people. You’ve got to train your brain & your heart to take courage! Sometimes you shut your own self down by saying negative things about your gifts and calling. Do NOT send yourself mixed messages! Be clear in your direction & daily envision it opening up.

Here’s an example from myself.

Being a photographer and working for many years for other photographers I knew I wanted to make money on my own, own my own equipment, run my own business producing gorgeous wedding photography under Jenny Shain Photography, and more. Everyone around me kept telling me that as well. But I sent mixed messages to my brain saying, “that is too hard, too expensive, too risky, impossible in this economy.” And frankly I was getting mad at so many people telling me what a great business I would have! Because they didn’t understand how difficult and expensive it would be. And when you keep telling others & God “no,” it really slows down the process! Then one day I decided to change my perspective & say, “well of course that is possible. Yes, God. I am open to receiving the camera & computer equipment you have for me. Yes, God. I am totally open to charging people for my services under my own business. Yes, God, what avenues shall I look for my resources under?” I decided to tell people YES. Yes, when they had “ridiculous” (what I thought before) ideas of how I could obtain the equipment. YES when people asked me to shoot their portraits, weddings, & events. I started to accept & believe that there were multiple streams of resources waiting for me to tap in to!


The time I spent worrying about how it could be done, I now spend envisioning HOW it CAN be Done! Envisioning how happy people are with my work.

Now here is YOUR CHALLENGE. For the remaining time in this year, take the time you spent worrying & mentally pushing something WONDERFUL away & spend that time now imagining what is possible

“Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions.”-Einstein.

How does this apply to you?

Are you sending one message when you write down your goals & a different message when God shows you a door, a possible passageway for that goal? Some of you need to CLEAR your emotional suitcase so that you can MAKE ROOM TO SAY YES. The emotional hoarding has taken up WAY too much space in your life. You must STOP that spinning tornado in your mind so that you can clearly hear from God. THAT is a choice. Command those past emotions to HUSH UP! so you can send YOURSELF, OTHERS, & GOD the message of saying YES to your Future! CLEAR that pipeline from you to God…keep it clean & fresh & Renewed.

Because Every Good & Perfect Gift is coming down that pipeline! 

This is ALL about RECEIVING. Receive it.

If you would like coaching in this area, contact me.

Now let’s go change the world.

Professional Life Coach, Jenny Fox Shain, M.A.

Life Coach to Visionary & Creative People

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One Response to Are You Sending Mixed Messages?


    I’ve been thinking/meditating a lot on this lately.

    I’ve been learning how to “speak life and not death” since the words from my mouth have power.

    I’ve been learning to believe God WILL do the “impossible”.

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