Yeah, It’s That Good

Y’all know I’m not a book person, so it’s gotta be something GOOD to keep my attention! I just read a good portion of Ree Drummond’s, “High Heels to Wagon Wheels.” PHEW! WOOOOAH Doggy! Reminds me why it’s good for a girl to get married! 🙂

A good, true, love story reminds me that it’s really a GOD story. That Eden is still a place. That perfection does exist.  Yes, it comes & goes. Ebbs & flows. But it’s a reminder that a woman consistently needs to be wooed & seduced, & brought back into eden on a regular basis. It’s the way it was meant to be. The heart was meant to pound. 

A woman is meant for desire & that desire is a reflection, a taste, of the desire God has for us. The tremendous, magnetic, absolutely-can’t live without-you DESIRE God has for US- AND created for a husband & his wife.

Newlyweds have so much to remind the world. So much to teach the older couples. 

I always think of this when I see young lovers. I had on my “Bride” shirt, that I got before I got married, on last week & a lady said, “What are your wedding plans?” I said, “Oh, I’m already married, but I’ll ALWAYS be the Bride!”

So, bring on the pre-marital coaching clients & BRING ON THE WEDDING SEASON! A cheer for all the brides- young & old, newly or oldy- LET’S GO BRIDES!

“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” Dr. Seuss

Proverbs 5:19 
A loving doe, a graceful deer—may her breasts satisfy you always, may you ever be captivated by her love.

Song of Solomon 1:2 

Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth— for your love is more delightful than wine.

Yeah, it’s good.

Now let’s go change the world.

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One Response to Yeah, It’s That Good

  1. Melissa Willis says:

    Hey Jenny! Tried to find the article but couldn’t. Where on the website is it? -Melissa

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